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What rewards do we offer?

The management team at RevGaming are constantly looking to reward their drivers for the superb effort they put in to help the company. So recently we've re-vamped our rewards system; making it fairer and more exciting for all!

Two rewards will be given out each month, whether that be certain ETS2/ATS DLCs, Discord Nitro or Trucksbook Premium. The first reward is for the driver who has done the most non-speed miles for the company that month; ATS & ETS2 miles will be combined for this. The second reward, however, is a little bit different. Everyone who has done 10,000+ non-speed miles will be entered into a draw to win a gift. Also, you can earn extra entries by having a certain activity level on Discord and taking part in a minimum amount of convoys per month. Basically, the more involved you get with the company, the higher chance you have of winning!

All reward winners get to choose what they receive, both mentioned above! If you're looking for a reason to join our fantastic VTC today, then this must surely be it! Get in contact with us and we hope to be driving with you as soon as possible; all the information you need to apply is found here!

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