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It's been a few months!

New convoy system!

We now have many weekly convoys, ranging from ATS, ETS2, and Promods! Attendance is carefully growing for each one and we hope people who have joined in have enjoyed them! We know convoys are a selling-point of many VTCs, and we're extremely proud to offer these to our phenomenal drivers who do fantastic mileage for us every day. The use of Virtual Speditor has allowed us to all get the same trailers to the same destination; this allows us to log mileage for each convoy consequently making us climb up the ranks in Trucksbooks! If you want to join in, then just head over to the apply page.😉

More staff changes!

Aoshii was promoted to convoy manager. He did a fantastic job of this and has planned and ran many convoys, as spoken about above. We noticed his impact on our community and he is now a moderator for the company. Thank you for everything you've done so far! And also I've slipped into the Admin role myself, alongside Linciano. So we now have 2 moderators (StarDelivery & Aoshii), and 2 admins (Me and Linciano). This is enough at the moment to keep the company running smoothly, however as more drivers join each day new staff opportunities may be opening soon. 

Active Discord server!

Our server is continuously getting more and more people join us. It's a cool place just to chill, and get help if you need it. At the time of writing, we have 54 members in the company so there's normally someone online to chat to. We'd love your presence though, so if you're thinking about joining then feel free to come and say hi! The apply page has more information on how to do that.

Until next time...



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