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New features and staff!

Movie sessions at Revgaming!

We're doing movie sessions as a way to get together and indulge in a good film. Suggestions are already flying in, and the final pick of movies will be decided every Friday. We are hoping to do this at least once every week so we can all experience a wide variety of great motion pictures with one another. If you have any suggestions, make sure to add it in the movie suggest channel, and if another suggestion catches your eye then remember to react to it so you can upvote the idea. 

New staff changes!

We've expanded our staff team to make sure everything goes smoothly on a day to day basis. Please welcome XtremeCacher and Zombiecide as our new moderators; while Linciano advances to Administrator. The reason for hiring these new people is so we can continue to provide you with the best possible service so you can feel comfortable here. They'll be doing daily tasks for the VTC so everything stays in order and you stay happy, as we want to continue making this VTC the best one possible! HBGaming CTV is remaining as convoy manager as he does an absolutely fantastic job of it, providing convoys 4 times every weekend that drivers can participate in. We do two Euro Truck Simulator 2 convoys on Saturday, and two American Truck Simulator Convoys on Sunday. To help take the pressure off HBGaming CTV a bit, Its_Owen is our new Assistant Convoy Manager. His job will be planning and running convoys when the convoy manager cannot. One last staff change is that iGlider has been promoted to Media Team, congrats to all! Here is the link to our Meet the Team page, where you can see our upper staff and their bio. 

Autism Awareness Event 2019!

On the 3rd and 4th of August 2019, RevGaming participated in the Autism Awareness Event of 2019. It was a 24-hour convoy and managed to raise a staggering £160 to charity! Zombiecide and HBGaming CTV tried to stay up for the whole 24-hours driving up and down Europe. Well done to both of you, and everyone to organised/took part in the event, it was amazing and helped raise some good money for charity. This is the first event RevGaming have booked themselves into, and we're now hoping to do many more in the future!

And finally, a message from me...

RevGaming has grown and become a very successful VTC, and it wouldn't be possible without each and every one of you. We're now strongly sitting at 80+ members on Trucksbook and want to continue growing so we can provide the same fantastic service to other people. Since we started up in April, we've developed into having a successful staff team, many singleplayer skins, convoys very frequently, monthly rewards linked to mileage, and dedicated support on hand should you need it. I'm continuously trying to bring new features to our brand-new Discord bot too! New features are in development right now, so keep an eye out for upcoming things! Thank you all for being part of RevGaming's journey so far.



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