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July Summary

Rankings have been phenomenal!

What a month July has been! We've managed to secure 7th place in the UK for Euro Truck Simulator 2, and 2nd place in the UK for American Truck Simulator. We're highly appreciative of our drivers doing so many miles and the monthly rewards have been sent out to Its_Owen and RockyMtnBear for achieving the highest. As our mileage continued to grow, our member count did too. At the time of writing, we are currently at 76 fantastic members which the VTC wouldn't be the same without. This is the month we have grown the most so far, and we thank everyone for continuing this VTC journey with us.

Discord server improvements!

Over the last few days, we've improved our Discord server making some changes for the better. We've moved some channels around, removed some old ones, and added some new ones. We now have a role-add channel so you can add which ETS2/ATS DLCs you have as roles. We also have a new Boosted-Lounge for generous people who boost our server. We are currently sitting at 4 boosts and 10 is our goal, so if you have Discord Nitro then we'd be really appreciative if you boosted us! We're constantly looking at ways to reward server-boosters so please let us know if you have any ideas! Three text channels are now dedicated to Virtual Speditor, with an introduction on what it does, a text guide, and a video guide. This software is required due to it allowing us to get the same trailers on convoys, and speaking of convoys...

Daily Convoys!

Due to our amazing convoy staff team here at RevGaming, we've had successful convoys every single day. Lots of positive feedback has been given regarding this and we all have a laugh while getting some miles in. Currently, we have Euro Truck Simulator 2 convoys Monday - Saturday and have American Truck Simulator convoys on Sunday.  We've also had a lot of people streaming it so onto the next point...

Approved Streamers!

Some people here at RevGaming stream a lot and help advertise the company along the way, so we want to help advertise their streams too; starting today we have an Approved Streamers channel. This will post messages when people go live and consequently improve their viewer count. If you want to become an approved streamer then feel free to contact myself or Linciano and we will look into getting that done for you!

Thanks for reading and let's hope August goes even better!

-Geo. 😃

7th place 2nd
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