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Great start to the month!

Fantastic stats!

We've been within the top 10 VTCs in the UK this month already, wow! From writing this blog post, we're currently 8th! Massive thank you to all the drivers who have helped make the VTC what it is today. I'd never of guessed that it would get this big in just a few months, and we hope you're all enjoying yourself here at RevGaming. We also have some exciting things coming to the company, all being worked on over the summer, so make sure you keep an eye out! 😉

New convoy staff!

Please welcome HBGamingCTV as our new convoy manager, and iGlider as convoy control staff. Lots of us here at RevGaming enjoy convoys, and they will get a lot more frequent now due to these amazing people. Congratulations to both!

New ranking system!

To help recognise our best drivers, we've implemented a new roles system within our Discord server:

Rookie: 0 - 2,000 miles.

Driver: 2,000 - 5,000 miles.

Professional: 5,000 - 7,000 miles.

Legendary: 7,000 - 10,000 miles.

Boss: 10,000  - 20,000 miles.

Famous: 20,000 - 35,000 miles.

Honourable: 35,000 - 50,000 miles.

Absolute Legend: 50,000 miles +. 

Once again, we have no requirements, so you'll never be removed due to inactivity. So don't let this put you off joining, we're open to all; whatever your age or ability! We just wanted to reward our high mileage drivers. 

Thanks for reading,

-Geo. 😃

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