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Our first blog post!

Lots have happened at RevGaming over the past month! 

We've been busy here in the VTC ever since we opened. We are getting new members all the time, and are enjoying it more than ever before! First of all, we have gained over 15 members now which is spectacular and our Discord is very active too, with lots of mini-convoys taking place nearly every day. We also have a fantastic amount of skins ready for people who drive in single player too, with more on the way! We've also had a few official convoys that have been very fun!

New staff!

 A massive congratulations to Linciano and Pliskin Hunter who are now moderators for Revgaming. They're very experienced in the VTC and are ready to help everyone with all the issues they may have. So a massive shoutout to them and thank you for all you've done in the VTC!

Thinking of applying?

We have many great opportunities here at RevGaming and want to make your VTC experience as best as it can be. We have dedicated staff, along with many goodies too: like prizes such as Discord nitro. We lots of tutorials and an active community to help you. So why not apply today? All information is at and 

We look forward to hearing from you soon! :)

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