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2020 is going well!

Staff changes!

Over the last few months, RevGaming has made some changes to its staff team. Aoshii went back to his Convoy Manager role and we opened applications for a new moderator to join the management team. After receiving many applications, myself and Linciano were stuck on who to choose. After coming to a compromise we decided on Alex for moderator, so massive congrats to you! We were also on the lookout for new convoy staff, ShadowWolf and Imran Qureshi have become Assistant Convoy Managers and we're now having both weekday and weekend convoys in ETS2 and ATS! Check out our whole staff team on the Meet the Team page.

New drivers and a new skin!

We have recently welcomed a new skin into our collection, say hello to the official RevGaming International Lonestar livery! We're really proud of our skin collection here at RevGaming, check them all out on the photos page! Furthermore, we currently have 80 drivers in the company! We're only forecasted to get bigger, so we look forward to what the future holds for RevGaming. If you or somebody you know hasn't applied yet, be sure to check out the apply page!

New logo and Discord Rich Presence Tracker!

With a massive thank you to Aoshii, we now have brand new logos. One for our Trucksbook Profile and another for our Discord Server/Social media. These look a lot more professional compared to our old logo, and they've received amazing feedback from members of the VTC too. I've also been hard at work these last few weeks creating a Discord Rich Presence Tracker for our drivers. People in the company can now install a file that shows information about their drive in their Discord status. Pretty neat!

Until next time...



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