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ETS2 and ATS version 1.35 is out!

More fun here at RevGaming!

We now have 20+ members here at RevGaming! Wow! Massive thank you to everyone who's part of the team. We've all been trying 1.35 out recently, and it's safe to say that the online garage buying and voice navigation are our favourite features! We are currently patiently waiting for TruckersMP to update so we can do more convoys. Massive thank you to SCS software as well for providing us with such a fantastic update!

Website has been updated!

 We've updated this website to be even better for your browsing! We have a new blog page and new photos added too. If you want to get your photo with the company skins added to the website,  then  feel free tag Geo#1111 on Discord so he can upload them.

New TMP Tips and Tricks channel added to the Discord server!

Massive thanks to Pliskin Hunter who's compiled a phenomonal list of tips & tricks to help people in TruckersMP. These allow us to be more efficient drivers and to help keep the TMP roads safe. 

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