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Want to apply?

We use a program called Trucksbook here at RevGaming. It's a great, free way to log miles so we can keep track of everything going on. If you haven't already, please create an account at

The Trucksbook Program has several features that will intensify your gameplay experience. It logs all your job stats so you can see how well you’ve been driving and allows us to keep track of the mileage so we can give out rewards to our best drivers! You can also ask a staff member to help you with any issues you need; we have a dedicated support team ready to help you with any problems.

Please find our company at and apply, make sure you tell us you understand the rules and we will accept you as soon as possible! 😃

Please also understand that we use a program called Discord to communicate. If you do not have a free Discord account then please create one at and download the program.  Click below to join the server and in there will be instructions on what to do next. 😃


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